The Color of Business Clothing


We’ve already talked about how what you wear always says something about you, but what exactly do different kinds of clothes say about you? Well, the color of what you’re wearing can have a huge impact on peoples’ first impressions of you. This can be especially important in the business world. What kind of message are you trying to send with your clothing?

How do you feel?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you’re getting dressed for that meeting, starting with this one: how do I feel? If you feel sad or down, try dressing in a brighter color to lighten your mood. If you’re feeling anxious, try a darker or neutral color to stabilize your mood.

Who’s your audience?

Another thing you should consider: what kinds of people make up your audience? Women tend to respond well to blue-hued colors–blues, reds, purples, while men prefer yellow-hued colors, like orange, red, pinks, and blues. Socio-economic status matters, too: people from lower-income backgrounds prefer yellow-hued colors, while upper-class people prefer blues.

What message do you want to send?

Every color projects a kind of message, so your job is to make sure you’re sending the right one. Research has shown that blue can establish trust and credibility. Blues and greens indicate friendliness. Assertiveness can be projected by wearing red. Green is associated with dependability. Grey or beige indicate neutrality. Bright pink translates to boldness.

On any given day, you might need a combination of these colors to achieve the right outfit. Mix and match your colors to give you the best chances at making the right first impressions no matter what kind of business function you’re attending.

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