Why You Should Stop Wearing Makeup (If You Want to)


Several of our readers have written to us recently with questions about whether or not they should stop wearing makeup. It’s a tough question that everyone has to deal with for themselves, but at Dress Glad we think you should do whatever makes you feel like your best self. If that means wearing make up, then do it! If it means not wearing make up, more power to you! But we realize it can be totally daunting to abstain from makeup altogether when there’s so much societal pressure to wear it, so we’ve put together a (small) list of the reasons why you should feel perfectly fine with never wearing makeup again.

Think of the resources you’ll save

The two best reasons not to wear makeup? You’ll save two of your most valuable resources: money and time.

Put the money back in your bank

A recent consumer study by the website Mint, which collects data from their budget services, indicates that women who buy makeup spend, on average, more than $3500 on mascara alone! Think of the thousands of dollars you’ll save by transitioning to a natural look that doesn’t require all the expensive products to dress your face up.

Get more sleep

You’ll also save anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour of time every day – that time will add up quickly – think of the extra rest you’ll get, which will do a much better job at eliminating those wrinkles and bags under your eyes than any product could ever do.

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