Plus-Size Fashion


We’re always on the prowl for new, interesting, and good reads on the internet fashion blogs and websites, and we recently stumbled upon an article about plus-size fashion. The thrust of the article is something like, “the industry is trying but plus-size women don’t want to pay for ‘real fashion.'” We struggled before deciding whether or not to write about this topic, but we feel like the article we read was so incendiary that we couldn’t let it slide.

The industry needs to meet the consumer’s demands, not the other way around

One of the most frustrating things we hear about plus-size women is that they’re picky and cheap. Companies say that when they’re faced with requests to carry clothing for curvier women, it doesn’t sell – apparently, they say, their clothes are too expensive and those women are spending their money at cheaper outlets.

We think it’s ridiculous to posit that the problem is with the customer. “Straight-size” women have dozens of options in any store they go to; the plus-size section is always significantly smaller, with less variety. Retailers and designers should be giving plus-size women more options if they aren’t buying the clothes currently available to them. Don’t blame the women – blame the clothes! Either they’re not comfortable enough or there just isn’t enough variety.

Staying critical

Some people seem to think that because progress is made, criticism must stop. For example, when Melissa McCarthy made the cover of Elle (good job, Melissa!), there was a backlash against people who criticized Elle for featuring her in a coat!

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