The Pressure to Look Good


At Dress Glad, we talk a lot about the power of clothing. It can help you feel like your best self, help you feel successful, and influence the way others make their first impressions about you. But we don’t talk as much about how the pressure to look good can be damaging, especially to women on whom the pressure to look good is much more prevalent than men. Today, we’ll talk about the pressure to look good.

You should look good – on your own terms

We won’t shy away from it: we think you SHOULD always look good. Looking your best helps you stay positive about life. A study done late last year has implicated that feeling like you look good can help fight depression: it’s true what they say, just getting out of bed and putting clothes on can help you get out of that rut. But the important thing is that you feel like you look good on your own terms.

The external pressure to look good so often is about conforming to other people’s standards of what is acceptable. While we all internalize this pressure to some degree, it’s important that we recognize the unique parts of us that feel good even in the most outlandish of clothes.

Think of drag queens!

If ever you’re feeling like the style you feel comfortable in isn’t good enough, think of drag queens. Their confidence in knowing that clothing is nothing but what you choose to make of it – for better or worse – can inspire you.

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