How to Wear Your Scarf


Although some of you are looking for vacation fashion in warmer climes (we’ve got you covered – no pun intended), most of us are stuck in the middle of winter right now, so we thought it would be fun to discuss some of the fun ways to accessorize with our favorite winter accessory: the scarf.

Fun knots

One of our very favorite scarf looks is to tie the scarf around our necks in interesting knots. This look is a complex, savvy, and always trendy knot that can really give your look some complexity. Start with a loop around your neck and the two ends falling down you neck. Now twist the loop, then take each loose end and pull it through the loop, one in front and one in back. Ta-da! What a cool look!

Infinity loop

Another great way to tie your scarf around your neck is called the infinity loop. This is a classy knot that will look great with a big coat or with no coat at all. Tie the ends of the scarf, then put the loop around your neck. Now twist the loop and layer it over your neck two or three times. Wow!

Top knot

Your neck isn’t the only place for a scarf! Try tying a lighter, looser scarf into your hair with a top knot – use a contrasting color to your own hair for a real wow factor!

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