How to Determine What Season You Are


We’ve already talked about how important your clothing color choices are and how paying attention to detail is key to making a good first impression, but how do you combine that information to come up with a style that works for you? The answer is to figure out what color palette works best for you, so you know exactly what clothes to purchase. Over the next few days, we’ll look at three ways to help you determine what your “season” is, and, consequently, what colors look best on you.

Warm or cool? Light or dark?

There are two things you need to know to figure out what season you are: first, determine whether you’re a warm or cool¬†type; second, determine whether you’re a light or dark type.¬†Today, we’ll begin discussing the ways you can test whether you’re a warm or a cool type. When we talk about warm vs. cool, we’re talking about undertone. While overtone is subject to change because of outside factors, undertone is constant because it’s defined by your genetics. There are three ways to determine your undertone, and today we’ll talk about one of them.

Foundation test

The most accurate way to discover your undertone is to dab each of your cheeks with foundation, one with yellow and the other with pink. You’ll want to dab pink on one cheek and yellow on the either, then blend both colors until they form a thin layer on top of your skin. Then, you’ll have to determine which color blends in and looks more natural, and which looks artificial and painted on. If pink blends better, you’re undertone is cool. If yellow blends better, you’re undertone is warm.

Check back tomorrow for the next way to check your undertone!

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