The Fur Dilemma


To fur or not to fur, that is the question

It’s 2016, are we still talking about fur? Well, the short answer is yes. In fact, 2015 was such a huge year for furs that it would seem that the animal rights crowd has lost their battle against luxury fur fashion altogether. While we don’t quite think that’s the case, it is evident that fur is in again and many of our readers feel conflicted about what they should do if they like fur but have a conscience.

Is wearing vintage okay?

We are often asked if wearing vintage furs is an alright solution to the issue of animal rights and cruelty when it comes to wearing fur. Here’s the logic: you care about animals and don’t want to contribute to the decimation of animal populations by buying new and current fur fashions, but you still want to get your fix, so the solution is to buy vintage fur. The animals are already dead and the coats already made, so why not enjoy what’s already been done without contributing to the mass hunting of endangered animals.

Some people think this is a fine solution. The truth is, you’ll have to decide for yourself. We can understand why you’d choose to do this, but if you really care about animal rights, it seems like you’d avoid furs altogether.

Faux fur movement

Another (better?) solution is faux fur. Several high profile designers, including Stella McCartney, are producing their own lines of fashionable faux fur.

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