Vacation Styles


Although we’re stuck here for the winter, better or worse, for some of you, winter isn’t even thing. We’ll try not to be too jealous of you lucky birds who get to migrate south for the winter and have no need for our winter style guide – in fact, we’ll even be so kind as to help you out. That’s right, today we’re going to be looking at vacation styles – what to pack when you’re headed to the tropics, what to lounge in the beach in, what to wear out for a night of tropical dancing, and what to look sexy in in countries around the world.

What to pack

It’s hard to know what to pack for vacation – you want to feel sexy when you’re lying on the beach, stylish at dinner, and comfortable when you’re trekking to ancient sites. The truth is, it depends largely on where you’re going – different parts of the world require different utility and therefore different fashion.

For those of you going somewhere warm and breezy like Barcelona, you’ll want lots of light colors and separates. Flats are always a great idea – they’re easy to slip in to and out of, as well as being comfortable for everything from a walk down to the beach or a longer walk through the shops and historical streets.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Vacation is the perfect time to start accessorizing. Bring your most colorful and fun necklaces, earrings, scarves, and the like – you never know what the occasion will call for!

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