Winter Fashion


Fashion never sleeps

It’s tempting, now that we’re in the deep, cold dark depths of winter (we hate you too, February), to let utility take over: who wants to bother with fashion right now, when it’s so difficult to stay warm?

Well, we’re here to tell you that utility and fashion are not mutually exclusive goals – and you’re not off the hook for looking good just because it’s cold outside! We’ve already talked about the importance of dressing like you feel like a million bucks – dressing so that you’re comfortable and confidence can make all the difference in your success, too – so now we’re going to help you do more than just stay warm this winter.

Winter is about coats and accessories

The important part of any winter look is going to be your coat. It’s the outermost layer, the thing that’s going to keep you insulated, of course, but also the thing that everyone else is going to see first. If you do nothing else for yourself this winter, get a beautiful, warm, and stylish coat! There are so many options: peacoats, car coats, denim, leather, biker – your options here are endless. Whatever you choose, make it count: you want a coat that makes a statment regardless of what’s going on underneath it.

The other thing about winter is that it’s a time for accessories. When else do you get to try on a myriad of hats, scarves, and gloves? With all these accessories, mix and match your colors and create a style that makes you feel confident and successful!

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