About Gabrielle


Hi, my name is Gabrielle Nueva.

I’m a fashion design student at a reputable design school in the United States. As a child I loved digging into my mom’s wardrobe and creating the most outlandish and eccentric clothing combinations I could come up with. Growing up, I learned I had a real gift for dressing myself and others – I started dressing my friends for them, and took a lot of joy in seeing their confidence boosted by being comfortable and well-dressed. Clothing is a second skin, and it’s the one most people get to see – it should be comfortable, expressive, and, most importantly, it should inspire you to be your best.

It’s my dream to help as many people as possible achieve their own unique and satisfying dress code, to give them the confidence to know that they look good all the time. I want to help everyone dress glad! I’d love to hear from you – head on over to my contact page to leave me a note. Bye for now! xxoo